Best Birthday EVER and DAY 15

Happy Birthday to ME!!!! I had such a great birthday! I was completely spoiled by my family and friends! I loved it so much I may celebrate my birthday every year!He he!

I started off the day with a fun visit with family from Idaho! We love you Mike Stone family! Thanks to Mother Nature, we met up at park and enjoyed the sun for the first time in what felt like forever! We have our fingers crossed the sun is here to stay! So your welcome everyone! MY birthday wish was for a little warmth already!!!!! Te Da! The Sun!

Next I got a little piggy love in the form of a Spa Pedicure with Tara D.! Who wouldn't love that! Thanks again TD! I HEART Asian woman rubbing my feet! And Tara knows how to get on my good side... Apple Pie Carmel Apples from Rocky Mt. Chocolate seem to do the trip! YUUUM!
Mike and the girls spoiled me for sure! Mike had a theme believe it or not! "The year of Indulgence!" He knows I'm a huge food fan! Ok who isn't but he knows the foods I love but never buy and he showered me with each and every one of them! Blueberries, Strawberries, Fresh Pineapple, Limeade, Grapefruit Juice, Blueberry Pomegranate Juice, Krispy Kream Donuts, Asparagus, King Crab Legs, and Jumbo Shrimp! I was in HEAVEN!!!! Seriously! I think food is defiantly my soft spot! Mike hit the bullseye when it came to gifts this year!

Mike took me to dinner and we both licked our fingers till we almost had to be wheeled out of the joint! BBQ at Famouse Daves was just what the starving Birthday girl needed! Charlie was also my date and never once had to get out of her car seat! So basically she gave me the gift of being a perfect baby! LOVED IT!

After dinner we checked out a car dealership and headed home to pick up the girls! And then SURPRISE!!!!! My sweet friend Lesa, a.k.a. ROCK STAR FRIEND of all time, had planned a little girly surprise Crepes get together to celebrate my big 3-0!!! Do I have great friends or what! Not sure if it was me or the amazing Crepes that lured my friends out at 9 pm but what ever it was I was happy they came! Thanks peps for making my day so great!Yes my boobs look huge!!! Thank you nursing!

DAY 15: Mix it up a little already!

For those of you who really know me know I love to mix things up a littel... no a lot!!! I get antsy when things get stagnant! I start to dislike my surroundings when they stay the same too long! I can't believe I went this long without rearranging any rooms in my house! Don't laugh but for my birthday Mike helped me reaarrange my family room! Heavy lifting isn't something I put on my resume!

Here are the results of our efforts! I'm still getting used to the arrangement but love the change! My Family room has limited options so even this was a stretch! But man I love change!I also added a photo of the desk we refinished months ago. I love having my computer out in the kitchen area!


tara said...

the family room looks TERRIFIC!!!! no better excuse to celebrate the awesomeness that is BECCA than her birthday:)

love ya b!

thanks for the NASTY picture...sweet moses that is a bad.

Stephanie said...

yea! Happy birthday!
and i have been waiting to see what your computer looked like out there since you said you put it there- and i love it! cute desk and i think it is fantastic to have the computer out in the open. it should help with mikes porn addiction, dont ya think!? :)

Megan said...

what a perfect day! I love when birthdays turn out so special! The changes look great! I wish I had vision, my house is pretty much stuck as is! :(

Reena said...

I'm so glad your day was special. You deserved it. Remember I want to take you out for your Birthday. We can go shopping and have lunch. You just have to let me know when. I'm ready when you are. Love you! MOM