Three year olds forever please!

You know how every stage is your favorite stage when it comes to your kids! Well I think I officially found a favorite stage and it's legit!

Newborns are just freakin awesome because there is nothing so tiny and new that can make you swell with love like a newborn.

That first year offers endless reasons to love a stage. Fist smiles, sweet sleepers, cuddle bugs and baby gibber.

Toddler years are full of laughter. Personalities shine and baby behavior is soon replaces with silly grown up mockery and tender reminders of how fast time flies.

But age 3 is by far my favorite stage! Blue is at her prime. On top of her game and I am lovin it!

I realised this tonight as I was gnawing on her neck.She roared with laughter and wrapped her arms around me and begged for it to never end! Blue was as happy as I could ever remember her being and all it took was a silly moment with mom.

Can you remember the last time you gave into such happiness!!! A three year old knows the secret doesn't she! It takes very little to thrill a 3 year old. I wish it were that easy for all us grown ups!!!

So until I'm convinced otherwise I officially declare 3 years old to be my favorite stage!

I wish I could bottle her up at this age and share her with everyone! You'd be hard pressed not to fall head over heals in love with her.May she never grow up!!!


Diana said...

Hee Hee, I agree, MAY THEY NEVER GROW UP! I too, love 3! Christmas is going to be so much fun this year :)

Diana said...

PS. Are you coming for the Super Bowl? Please make it Yes!!! Yes Yes Yes!

Amber H. said...

I have told Josh SO many times if I could have a baby and they could come out 3 years old, I would have 10 kids...seriously! I LOVE 3! I have a hard time with babies (my kids all have stomach problems) so I don't love the newborn stages. But at 3 they are so independant and can TELL you what's wrong, but they still talk in that cute little voice and say the funniest things. Plus the fact that all it takes is a silly face to make them laugh uncontrollably is SO much fun! I am totally with you on this post. I LOVE 3!

Stephanie said...

I almost cried reading this post! it makes me sad because they grow up too fast and I dont like it!