The only MAN in the house is offically one year older today!!!!!!!!!

Man I love this guy!!!!!!

29 reasons why the Birthday boy ROCKS!!!!

29- He Freakin has the best eye brows ever. Really! Look at em!
28- He was the third straight boy born in his fam and I have to believe that's a sign that having
a third girl is totally cool too!
27- He can text, watch football and do home work all at the same time!
26- He loves his siblings and his folks!!!
25- No one gives a better JIVE! No one!
24- There is no one better to look forward to coming home then MIKE!
23- He has some super human capability that only allows him to be wrong about once every
other year! He he!
22- He is great at anything he does!
21- He looks hot every day he leaves for work!
20- He'll never go bald!
19- He's way intelligent and still loves ME even if I'm not!
18- He can work a crowd.
17- His driving record is impeccable!
16- He's got some crazy dance moves to entertain the girls with!
15- He hasn't snored lately!!!!
14- He totally knows how to kick butt on word searches!
13- He adores his girls!
12- He'll shop!
11- Talking on the phone a few times a day doens't bother him!
10- No one gives better back tickles! You can take that to the bank people!
9- He appreciates a good foot rub!
8- He's an amazing provider!
7- We miss him when he's not around!
6- He's an incredible body slam and elbow slam instructor!Just ask the girls or anyone who's
been on the receiving end!
5- He "lovingly" makes fun of me!
4- We share over 13 years of memories!
3- Falling in love all the time is normal with htis guy!
2- He's a perfect fit!
1- He is a rock star!!!!

Happy Birthday shug!

Love you!
Love you!
Love you!


Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Mike! Great post rebecca!

AnieCooper said...

Very sweet post Becca :) Hope Mike has a great birthday!

Jamie C. said...

Love the comment about his capability of never being wrong and never going bald. That's funny stuff!

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday! One more to the incredible 30!!! Then you're really cool! ;D haha.

Great tribute by Becca! :D You guys are so cute.

Stephanie said...

i thought i was the best back tickler...

my favorite thing about mike is his love for shopping. if rob only liked it half as much as Mike does our relationship would be better...

Megan Hartshorn said...

Hi Rebecca... Megan Hartshorn here, formerly 'Orach' from HS... if you remember. I happened upon your blog about a year ago... through a few other blogs from HS friends. I have been following you and your sweet fam and have enjoyed so much all that you have shared. Your girls are beautiful and I feel like I kinda know them through what you share. Good to "see" you here... and hope the pregnancy is going well! Happy bday to Mike too! Take care!