A weekend to remember!

So I'll set the stage! The Dulgarians are finally planned something fun and adventurous! For weeks we had planned on going on our first camping trip!The girls were thrilled and Crick was oddly more excited to pee in the woods then anything else!I was less enthusiastic seeing as we've never ventured into the camping world with girls and I was nervous about sleeping conditions! Being pregnant and being me will do that to a person!!!! But off we went up American Fork Canyon and in search of our favorite spot we once conquered 6 years ago!

We were meeting up with great friends who were more experienced then us so I was put more at ease! But looming over us were rain clouds and spontaneous burst of rain that seem to put an end to any plans we had. Don't worry!We did drive all the way up to the site and off roaded in an Accord only to bunker into our cars for an hour and head back down!

We did manage to salvage the night by stopping at a fire pit down the mountain and cooking dinner...oh yeah!I even managed to forget the hot dogs so our friends had to come to rescue and cook eggs and bacon that were intended for the breakfast the next day!All the while Blue was having major potty issues. She would have nothing to do with peeing in the woods or the public restrooms!She potty danced all night long and was completely miserable. Finally we made it to a Wendy's and she was oh so revealed!

So the camp out was s flop but we still had smores and smelled like camp fire and I got to sleep in my own bed!Not to shabby!!!!

So that left All of Saturday open and we totally took advantage of the opportunity and last minute decided to head down to the BYU Game!What a thrill!I had never been to a game before and the girls along with Aunt Tiff had a great time. Still we had to listen to food requests all day but it was so cute to see the girls cheer clap and sign! It made Mikes day to see his girls cheering on the Cougars!!!!

(So yeah... I had just put hair color in my hair when we decided to go so I couldn't get to my second step of highlights!!!!Mike had a Burnet as his date to the game! Fun huh!!!)


Mahana said...

I miss the BYU football games...well at least the ones when we were awesome! What a fun weekend! I envy your camping! Jake will camp rain or shine...though lately he's been pretty good when the weather is crappy to realize a cold child and a miserable wife will always override his joy for camping!

Suzanne said...

Reminds me of a camping trip we went on with Carl & Kirsten. We showed up with what we thought was our tent but it was just the screen house. Carl & Ryan were gone for hours looking for somewhere for us to buy a tent. Luckily they found one because it rained all night on us and we would have been soaked otherwise. We are attempting a camping trip this weekend so wish us luck!! Glad you made the best of your weekend. The game looked like a blast!

aubri said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Love the hair color!

Megan said...

What a fun weekend, even if it didn't turn out exactly as planned! I just thought you were trying something new with your hair, I think it looks pretty that color!