Tender Mercies

Most days around here are filled with typical routine, lessons learned and discoveries! Often we'll awake to a chubby little warm body who has climbed into bed with us in the night and found her favorite position for sleeping. Blue prefers to be the - part of letter H. Kidney kicks and head butts to follow. It's hard to be mad at her for once again being found in our sheets when you wake up to sweet soft skin and yummy curls that have been tousled in the night. So peaceful and perfect. We quickly forgive her and nuzzle in reminding ourselves that morning like this will soon be gone.

Cricket is another little spit fire that manages to make me stop, think and smile while holding back a tear as I over look her sass and maturity and narrow in on her innocents and views of the world already. Preschool has proven to be a new stage for entertainment! She's quick to tell me to "Get back in the car mom!" as I drop her off each morning!She is so ready to make her mark and do it on her own! I pretend to not care and do what I'm told! I'm not about to embarrass a child of mine so early in her life!They'll be plenty of time for that later! I find myself missing her as I watch her walk down those stairs and into the class room and am instantly flooded with all that I complain about. Her sneaky antics, her ability to convince Blue to ask for things or climb a chair to sneak a treat! They all seem heartwarming now instead of horrible annoying as they did originally. I miss my little drama queen! When I pick her up it's all smile and a simple report of the day... " we didn't learn anything in Preschool today mom . We just had fun!"

My girls together are a tag team of possibilities. They can surprise me with there kindness and friendship and floor me with their disasters. How on earth can so much happen in the short time it takes me to take a shower!

Besides the obvious attempt of artistic show case on the chair, Blue was also covered with ink all over her belly and back( hum!!!Ever heard of someone being able to color on their own back!!! me neither! BUSTED CRICKET!!!!)Dripping wet I send little culprits to their room and off they go willingly knowing they were indeed in need of some sort of punishment!

( Blue two days later!)

As I calm my pounding heart and assess the damage I'm happy to discover that at least with all the ink I can flip the cushion and no one would be the wiser! Thanks Blue!

Today as I walked past the chair looking perfect in every way but knowing deep down of it's dirty little secret I couldn't help but smile! For as long as I'll own that chair I will always have the image of Blue's pot belly covered in scribbles and the look of concentration on her face as I rounded the corner and found her, tongue out, pressed by two lips in hard work and trying her best to color only the white and gray part of the check print making a perfect line! Already I have forgotten my anger and frustration over the event and can see the humor in it.

I am so grateful for my moments with my girls. A funny question! Hearing Crick sing along to a song on the radio in the car. Blue being able to say anything she wants but still in that toddler like tone that just makes you laugh!The other day she got a look at her self in the mirror and says "I have chicken hair mom! Funny!" and off she went!

I shared a tender moment with the girls yesterday. I had a doctors visit and I had Cricket all excite to hear the babies heart beat!For days she was talking about hearing the "Babies heart BEEP!" too cute to correct her. So finally the time came and she looked on with such interest and once she heard the sweet sounds her hands quickly came up to cover her mouth and eyes got wide as saucers!she was fascinated! What a wonderful moment for me. To see her so enthralled with this pregnancy! She talked about it the whole ride home!

How bless I am as a mom to be reminded of my childrens capability. They have the ability to make me stop and fall in love and forget all thats not perfect! There are plenty of things to be worried over, upset about and frustrated with but man are there even more things to marvel at, enjoy and realize. My children are Gods reminders for me to relax and live in the moment! Soak them up now. Revel in the lessons they teach me and in turn become a better mom to them! They are my every day tender mercies. I hope to have more days where when asked what I did that day, reply like Cricket did " i didn't learn anything today!I just had fun!" The truth is having fun is the lesson!


Hassler Family said...

Wow! Thank you for that. It's what I needed this morning.

The Mann Family said...

Awwww such a sweet post. I was browsing through a parenting magazine the other day and came across a quote from a young mom. She said in crazy, frustrating moments her 50 year old self tells her "Some day you'll miss this chaos." I thought that was so true! Looks like you already have that positive attitude! Those girls are just too cute to be mad at, right? :)

Jill said...

you're such a good mom. Could I have some of you in me?

Megan said...

That belly is screamin' for some raspberries! I felt sick when I saw your chair! I'm glad the cushion flips over!

Stephanie said...

seriously the best post i have ever read on a blog. hands down, made me tear up. you hit the nail on the head for my thoughts over the past week. good job becks!

kori said...

I love that pic of Blue's tummy-too funny!

AnieCooper said...

I always wonder where you get your energy...I'm so worried I won't have enough...but then I can't wait to see what our Little Sophie does I just can't wait to meet her and have those tender moments you have with Macy and Molly :)

Bug said...

Becca; I love your blog. It is so fun to catch up and see what's happening in your lives. I got a kick out of the chair story. I have a good one also.....in fact, I'm not sure I've ever told any of the Dulgarian's. When Mikey was a little toddler, he did some teething on the end of our 'brand new' piano. I had 3 kids at the time, so I didn't get too bugged. But now....every time I dust, I can't help but think of Mikey. I love that kid and I'm thankful for those little teeth marks.
LYM, Bug