There's a Bunny in our garden!!!

If ever you are looking for something new to occupy your toddler look no further then under your own sink!!!Who would have thought a simple spray bottle would have done the trick!! Today Blue was totally and utterly fascinated with this spray bottle! And don't mind the bunny outfit... that's a favorite get up of hers that we have all gotten used to!!!

She had the time of her life out side in the garden paying close attention to each and every flower, shrub and weed! It's hard work pulling that trigger...work that calls for a tongue to be used for assistance!!She was too cute tongue hanging out in determination and all!!!

The tulips appreciated the love and attention form Blue this go around...last time she was pretty much entertaining herself by beheading them!!!


Stephanie said...

i want that bunny in my garden! how cute is she?!?!?

Morph This said...

I do too... only I don't have a garden.. whats up with that?

Megan said...

Holy hannah! That is too stinkin cute! You really hit the cute kid jackpot! What a doll!!!

the Koch's said...

That is by far the cutest bunny I have ever seen!!