Family Funnies...

What's the latest on each of us you may ask! Well here's the run down! Enjoy!

Molly Blue who we most often call Blue is 2 1/2 right now!She is turning up the charm and the sass but still is a tender heart through and through. She's coined her very own favorite saying and that's "I don't need to!" That's her response to most requests through out the day but she is easily convinced that yes you do need to wear cloths outside, put on your buckles and brush your teeth! She loves to eat, that's a given, ride her bike, and color! She loves going to nursery each week and I'm convinced that's where she learned every word to "I am a child of God!" She can count and say her ABC"s and even spell her name! It's pretty dang cute! I'll write letters down and she just lists them off! She's a special member to the family and we are convinced everyone needs a Blue Bird in their family!!! (She is available for rent most early mornings between the hours of 2am-5 am!!!)

Macy, who we still call Cricket, is 4 1/2 going on 16!She is independent and free spirited and always found making up songs and putting on shows! The is stubborn and mischievous but even in the mist of all that can flash us a look and sends us erupting in laughter! She never takes a picture without posing! She's a born entertainer! She's sweet to her sister and plays a mothering roll when Blue needs comforting! It's sooo sweet! Her hobbies include talking on the phone and leaving long messages on voice mail, cooking with mom, planning play dates in her heads and being outside visiting the neighbors. She wants to be a scientist, artist and teacher when she grows up... well thats what she says this week!!!

As a whole we are enjoying the Spring season here in UT and look forward to the warm weather ahead. ( I say that as I look outside at the snow on my car!!!) We can't wait to plant our first garden and spend as much time in the back yard as possible! Mike still enjoys his job and I'm in love with being a mom and enjoying this time home with my girls!

Mike keeps busy around the house doing "man/home owner things!!!" Last weekend he pulled weeds, patched some cement and cleaned window wells! He's loving it all!!!

I'm always trying to stay busy and keep my creative juices flowing. I have a few projects on deck that include bloomers pants for the girls, a painting for the basement and I have to finally get to my aprons. I've been caught up on baby shower gifts ! but for real... I really need to stop spending money on all this stuff!

We really are blessed and find ourselves in a pretty awesome place in our lives! We are blessed with good health (in general!), wonderful kids, great friends and a place to call home!!!! Add that all up and it seems to put a smile on all our faces!


AnieCooper said...

Very cute post! Loved reading up on the girls and your lives :) Miss you guys! Love u!

Suzanne said...

I love the nick names you have for your girls. Very cute! We are lucky to have peaceful lives:)

Bryn said...

What a great update and it's not even Christmas! I loved reading about your grils! Macy? Posing for every picture? I wonder where she gets that!? You should see some of these Rick's pictures I could whip out and show her of her mom!