What's up!!!

It's been a busy week! It's all been a little crazy but what can you do!! We've had snow and then beautiful spring weather, been healthy and now Blue has Strep...again!!!(One more case of strep and she gets to schedule a fun tonsillectomy!) and we've had fun with grandma and gave soccer another try!!Like I said...It's been busy!!!

Last week we had a wonderful day with Grandma Reena! It was so fun having her over and getting a special surprise! The girls now can be found dressed in their new Moomoo's every other day! I had to put my foot down and not let them wear them every day!!! Thanks grandma for all the great Hawaii treats! Yep!!!I finish that first box of candy pretty much on my own!
Look at this great picture Macy took!!!Watch out Ansil Adams!!!!

My mom also added to the "Let's get Blue a bike!" fund that Grandma Diane started and now Blue is a happy owner of this fun little bike that both girls adore!!!You should have seen Blue racing all over Target! Too cute!
Thanks grandma's for a fun new toy!!!!! It's a huge hit!

And thanks mom for a great visit! Lunch was so fun and the girls and I loved having you over.Thanks for the books too!!!

Soccer went SLIGHTLY better!!! She started the game off with a bang and two trips up and back the field Cricket had had enough and ended back on the sidelines!The second half went pretty much the same but it's an improvement right!!!
Today Mike had the day off and we found ourselves in Provo. I absolutely love being there!It's so nostalgic! We drove by our old apartments and I just had to take a picture of our first basement apartment we ever lived in!!!Ahhh the memories! I can picture it now... the tiny"2" bedroom, more like a bedroom and a walk in closet and the bathroom door that couldn't open all the way!!!Still I love it!!! I will always have a special place in my heart for Provo!!!And man was it fun taking the girls to the Creamery!!!!


Jamie C. said...

I'm so sorry to here about Molly having strep again...Joe would tell you to just give her a tonsilectomy already! :) He'd probably do it for you if you want to visit! :) Your mom looks great and I'm glad Macy had a better day at soccer! Baby steps right? She'll be in the swing of things just in time for the season to be over! Love your cute picture with your mom! Way to go Macy!

Hoagland Family said...

How fun to have your mom for a visit. It makes me miss my mom:)
I have to agree with you on Provo, it's a world of it's own. And the Creamery....Yummy. I don't think a lot of people know that they have the best cheeseburgers and cracked pepper fries, and that's not the baby talking:)

Amy said...

Sounds like a fun week minus the strep. It is fun to go back on a trip thruogh memory lane. We visited Provo a couple months ago and drove by our old place. It was fun. Good job to you guys and Macy on the Soccer. Colin got a fever and so we missed our adventure of the first tball game - we'll see what Thursday brings. Thanks for the emails.

Morph This said...

Wow, Macy's hair is so long, and The Koch's just got one of those bikes. They are so fun.

Jess Perry said...

I'm sorry you guys were sick again...that is horrible.But other than that it sounds like you guys have been having lots of fun!!

Hansen Family said...

I love the moomoos! The girls look so cute in them! And I'm jealous you can hop down to Provo whenever. I miss that basement apartment too. I miss having a yard too!