Cricket Attempts something new...

So for sure this is payback for all the deposits lost, freak out sessions and tantrums I ever made my parents go through as a kid myself. I must have held the record for backing out and never getting past the door when it came to lessons and anything like team sports or individual thing for that matter!!!Picture those suction cupped Garfield dolls... that was me in door jams and car doors when it came to stuff like this.

Unfortunately I must have passed that genetic defect onto Macy!!!! Monday Cricket had her first soccer practice and it didn't go really well. After getting her uniform and gathering with her team she shown no sighs of melt downs soon to come! She joined all the kids and when the whistle blew charged the field like all the rest!! When it came time to turn around and head back she was magically transformed into me as a kid ... sort of a Freaky Friday sort of thing and came rushing to the blanket where I sat...and there she stayed!!! You would have never guest from these sweet pictures something was wrong.

We'll call these photos the "BFO" photos. Before Freak Out!!!

See what I mean... All is well in a little girls world and then all of a sudden BAM!!! Something shifts in the Universe and all is not well!!The remainder of the practice was spent glued to Mikes side and the sidelines were barely ok!

See what I did to her!!! It's all my fault for being a rotten kid when it came to stuff like this! Oops!I'm starting to feel bad for my grand children!!!


Morph This said...

I love it.. I can't believe how long her pigtails are, and tell mike I love his sweatshirt. Looks warm.

As I recall as a kid, the only sort of team sport you did was drill team.. is that a sport?

HA.. just kidding.

Amy said...

Becca, I'm hoping you will remember me. I found Shireen's blog the other day and then came upon yours. I've enjoyed reading your posts. This post about your daughter reminds me of tball experiences with our Colin. His first game is Monday. Anyway, I hope its okay if I check in on your blog. I'll send you an invite to ours. I saw your email posted on this site and will send the invite there. I want to mention also that you are mega talented. I love the clippies and the felt food. How fun! -Amy Ence

Just Us Four said...

You and I should have been best friends growing up! Any time Owen freaks out or starts crying from anxiety I'm taken back 25 years!