It's never been more exciting to be a sister! I personally was blessed to have the BEST sister in the world assigned to me! Boo and I are best friends. She would be the first to tell you it wasn't always like that. Our childhood years seem to haunt her at time! I personally look back and can see little I did wrong! But for a little sister 5 years younger I am sure I was at fault all too often! Sorry Boo!

Now I watch my two girls and just get so overwhelmed with excitement for them. I love love love that they have each other to grow up with. I have my fingers crossed that they will be as close if not closer then I am with my sister when they are adults! It's a relationship you can't fake! There is nothing like having a best friend who is your sister!

Mace takes her roll as big sister very seriously! She thinks shes entitled to have the bigger portions, her pick of what colored cup she wants first and because she's bigger she should get twice as many treats! Blue is starting to get old enough to fend for herself and her protest are getting louder! She can totally hold her own. But both girls have the ability to compromise and trade or sacrifice the favorite blue bowl for the other... once in a while!

I often turn a corner and find them holding each other in a happy hug. Blue will be sitting on Macy's lap and they'll be cheek to cheek just giggling! But all to often I find their conversations to fascinating! The other night this is what I heard as Blue cried at the door for me, not quite ready to go to bed...

Blue: Mama... I don't want to go to bed!!!!!
Mace: It's ok Molly... I can snuggle you!
B: No Mace... I want mama!
M: I can be your mama!
M: Do you want to just sleep on top of the heater and I can put your blankie on you?
B: Cry cry cry!!!
M: Don't worry! Once you fall asleep someone will come in and put you in bed. Someone always puts me in bed. Or maybe the ants do it!
B: I want mama!
M: Just climb in bed and I'll keep you safe!

( Then I hear Blue sadly walk over to her bed.)

B: I can't get up Mace! (cry cry cry!)
M: Here!Climb on my back! (She acts as Blue's step stool all the time! How cute is that!)

Soon after I hear Blue settle down and fall asleep. I sat out side of their door for the ten min. this all took. I just held in my laughter and my heart was full of joy over the love Mace showed her little sister! I wanted to so badly go in and love on Mace and tell her how proud I was of her but I didn't dare let Blue see me! I will never forget that evening! Sisters are the best!


Regina said...

Oh that just pulls at my heart strings and makes me laugh. What sweet little girls you have! Its these little moments that makes being a mom so worthwhile. Thanks for sharing.

Hassler Family said...

SO cute. I need to do that, sit outside their room at night. I am usually so ready for them to be in bed I don't take time to enjoy what I could be enjoying! Thanks for the reminder. It really is great to have sisters! :)

the bates motel said...

that is such a sweet post! there really is a bond w/ sisters. i wish mine was a little closer in age, but i love her soooo much and only want good things for her!

Scottie & Kimber said...

How Sweet are your girls! It makes me want to cry!

ahalversen (DBA) said...

Oh my, that has to be the cutest story ever. You will cherish that one as they get older. I am right with you on the sisters thing...I have two sisters and we are all SO close! I look forward to my girls being the same way when they get older.

Laura said...

This amkes me a little sad that I dont have 2 girls, although I hope my boys are great friends too. I loove having sisters and agree that there's no better friend!

Jamie C. said...

Sisters are the best! I pray, pray, pray that my girls will always love eachother and not go through that "high school not loving eachother phase". Cute story about Macy

Hoagland Family said...

Gosh that makes me want to have a girl next for Avery. What a great sister Macey is!!

Lisa said...

That is the most beautiful story. You'll need to remember this story when they are teenagers

Bryn said...

That is the sweetest story ever! It makes me wonder all those other things we probably miss! What cuties!

Morph This said...

I can't believe how ling it has been since I read this blog. I love this little story. I love those girls. And you are the BEST sister ever.