Happy ValenTIMES Day!

The girls have been so excited For "Valentimes" Day today! Mace came into bed this morning and ask " What is Valentimes Day exactly mom?" I told her it was a day to tell all the people you love how much you love them!!! She replys " I do that everyday already!!!!!"So true! I have such sweet girls! A few minutes later she tells me it's a day to give her lots of candy too! Guess she's already caught onto the Commercial meaning of the holiday too!

Tonight we are lucky enough to have Mikes Brother Jason and his wife Megan and baby Kate come stay with us!!!!! That's the best gift yet!!!! We'll have a nice dinner at home and I think I'll make a special dessert! This is the first time we'll all be meeting baby Kate! We can hardly wait!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!! XOXO

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