Weekend Wrap up!!!

I took the girls to Thanksgiving Point on Friday! We didn't have enough tim eto go in to the farm but I promised them that we'll come back with daddy and really enjoy it soon. I got a few ok shots of the girls just enjoying the day. Blue loved being set lose in the grapes. She ate and ate, I probably should have paid for the "buffet" but it was just too cute! Andi know... White shirt and kids just don't go together! BINGO!!!! After her feast in the leaves she didn't look as cute! That's why we love bleach!!!

This entire weekend we had our friend from HB in town! It's always fun having guests from home! The girls could not get enough of Jeff. Macy , for whatever reason had to wake him up each morning! She would just talk and talk and talk to him as he desperately tried to sleep in but could not ignore the tales of " When she was a kid" stories that kept him from his slumbers! Sorry about that Jeff!!

Thanks for the great meals out and i know Mike had a great time at the BYU game!!!

Monday was a great " get the job done day!" We had a list of things to do and let just say I have never heard a guy talk about new tires like Mike has! He got new tires put on and all I have heard all day was excitement over tread, warranties, a smooth ride and how much he loves his new tires! I guess we all have our joys right!

We also had a great furniture weekend! FINALLY we made some sort of progress in that department! We ordered dining room chairs, a trundle bed for the girls room and an entry table! Baby steps right! It should be delivered a week from today! HOORAY!!!!!

Oh and I almost forgot the best buy of the weekend... In Mikes opinion at lest... Mike finally pulled the trigger on his big screen! He ended up falling in love with a 56" Beauty that will be here in ten days! So guess we have to shop for basement furniture now!FINE BY ME!!!!!

We ended a great weekend at the Jessens house and had a deliciouses bbq! The girls played so well together and had a blast in the pool!Thanks guys for having us over!!!!


Laura Huston said...

Wow, I cant believe that you have so much going and NEW furniture to boot. That is so great for you! I love Thanksgiving point, its so pretty. Im so glad youre enjoying Utah!

The Ohlson's said...

sounds like sooo much fun and excitement! LOVE that pic of blue in the grapes too

ahalversen (DBA) said...

Looks like you guys had SUCH a fun weekend! Josh will be jealous when I tell him Mike went to the game. He bought the EXTRA tv package this month so he could watch that game! Yes, he is obsessed! That video of your kids is too funny. I swear if we could ever get your girls and mine together they would be the best of friends...crazy friends though! What energy...that's like every night at my house!

Jason & Megan said...

Oh my gosh! I love that video! Molly is so stinkin cute! I love the part where she goes in front of the sprinker and opens her mouth! SO CUTE!

Benson Fam said...

Rebecca- Carter watches this video of the girls jumping in the pool OVER AND OVER AND OVER. Those girls are so darn cute!