My funny kids!

here is a little insight on why my kids make me laugh every day!


-The other night we heard Molly start to cry. I rushed in there and found her crying with a bloody lip. Macy looked suspicious! Mike asked her what happened and she shamefully said..." I body slammed her." It took all Mike had to not laugh out load. She felt really bad about it and kept apologizing to Blue. New family rule... no body slamming in cribs!!!

- Mace is learning sign language and she shows me her middle finger the other day asking " what's this one mean!?" I have to kindly tell her we don't do that one because it's not nice. Later she keeps showing me the middle finger sign saying " mom, we don't do this one right?"

- On our last visit to Disneyland Macy kept telling us that she wouldn't get scared any more on rides because she was 3! We tested her theory and took her on the Madahorn and Thunder Mt. and surprisingly enough she did pretty good! On the way home she kept telling us to " throw your hands up and close your eyes! Wheee!!!"

- When we cross a street and a car stops for us, Macy kindly holds her hand out to the car and nods her head giving a thank you gesture to the waiting vehicles. It cracks me up every time!

Here are some funny thing's Macy has said in the last few weeks...

" Bubba never gives up! I give up all the time... like 4 months ago."

While in the car Macy heard someone refer to a bad driver as a " jackass" oops!!! (it wasn't me or MIKE!!) she quickly says " We don't say Jackass!"

When i tell her she can read while in bed she comically complains.." But mom, I don't know how to read!!!!"

Molly Blue

- Blue for some strange reason is testing her strength! When we buckle her in to her car seat or stroller she pushes with all of her might trying to break through! She looks like she's trying to go to the bathroom. It's so funny looking. all her chub is busting out the straps and her face goes bright red. We look at her and laugh and then she does it over and over again.

- Blue loves shoes!!! It's the first thing she brings us every morning. Some times they match sometimes they don't She wants shoes on all the time! If she has on feet pajamas she'll insist we put them on over her pj's!

- We ahve a very expressive little girl on our hands. When she see's something she likes we get an excited " Ooooh" out of her! She also does this " happy dance" when she is waiting to get something. She jumps back and forth from foot to foot and has the biggest smile and laughs!

-Blue is a snuggle bug! She'll nussel up on your shoulder and just hold you. she gives tight hugs and I bet her favorite thing in the world are hugs!

- Molly Blue is a great prayer! She is the first one to fold her arms and scrunch up her face as she fakes closing her eyes. She gets that from me because I sneak peeks at the girls during prayers. She then has a whisper of a chatter as she "gives" a prayer.


Jason & Megan said...

Too cute! I love the body slam story! And that is so precious that Molly "prays". What good examples she must have to be doing that at such a young age!

AnieCooper said...

Those are cute stories Becca! The body slam story cracked me up!! I just love hearing things that come out of little kids mouths it is quite entertaining. :) Your girls are absolutely adorable...they obviously take after their mother.

michelle said...

Rebecca, you have me smiling from ear to ear. I am sitting here picturing your sweet girls saying, and doing the things you have shared. You have 2 of the cutest little girls!!!

Andrea said...

Your girls are so cute! I love it...I would never call a fellow driver on the road a jackass lol...Really lol...Cute!

sarah said...

that is so cute. i love it. I have a little journal that i write down things that my kids say that are tooo funny. I love this post.

jamie said...

Becca, it was so fun to read about your girls. I love the things kids say and do...it definately keeps things entertaining and fun...and your girls seem full of fun!

Baker and Jenny said...

I love my girls!

Laura Huston said...

I love kid stories. Your girls are so cute! Too funny about the middle finger!

Hansen Family said...

LOL!! What funny girls!! I'm glad you have written these down. They will love it when thy get older!