American Idol Night

We had the time of our life last night! Thanks to our friends Colton and Courtney Gibbie, We got the VIP treatment at American Idol last night! The fun and excitement started even before we got into the studio. We First saw Janice Dixison, former super model, who in real life is the thinnest thing I have ever seen! We were able to talk to her and her daughter in the green room. She was very nice! Before the Show we grab a Kodak moment with former Idol Brandon from this season. We say Simon and Randy and Nigel Lithgo all arrive but quickly enter... I couldn't get my camera out fast enough!

Once inside we had access to the green room and tables of foods! I was too excited to eat! We had amazing seats! The studio is of course much smaller then it looks like on tv! Some of the other celebrates in attendance were Ivanca Trump, Shawn from Boyz II Men, One of the students from that 5th grader game show, and hr sister who is on Gilmore Girls. There were so many familiar faces in the audience too but we couldn't pin point who they were.

We also meet Ken Baker the big wig at US magazine. He is good friends with our our friends and the nicest guy! Once the show was over we all mingles with the stars. They were all so great and willing to chat and take pictures. The studio also is home to Dancing with the Stars so that is why we got some great pictures with that cast. It was awesome!!!

The funniest part of the night was that we saw our stage manager from Family Feud working the show. It was great to catch up with him!

All the contestant did AMAZING last night. Phil and Chris were my favorites of the night, But honestly they were all just so great! Listen for me tonight when it airs. I am the person that screams when Simon is commenting on Chris's performance!!

It was the best time ever!


Baker and Jenny said...

Ken is from US weekly sister. It's alright.. I will forgive you this time.

Laura Huston said...

AMAZING that you met all those people! I dont watch the show, and I'm STILL starstruck (vicariously through you of course);)

Hansen Family said...

I am soooo jealous!! You guys have the best hookups! Family Feud, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars! Ahhh it's all too much!

Amy (Daisy) said...

Augh!! You've got to be kidding me! You're one lucky gal! Glad you were able to go and make some incredible memories!!

Diana said...

What?!!! You went to Dancing with the Stars too! Who are you people!? How cool! Love the pictures! Chris is my fav and you look really cute in the picture with him!

Rochelle Oleson said...

In the words of Napoleon dynamite "LuckY!

How did you get the hook up? Did you get back stage passes? looks and sounds like that was an awesome night. Very cool!

(BTW I am a friend of Anjanette and cuz of Lynette Simmons. found you off of Anjanette's blog. I just had to make a comment. On a side note you look very familiar to me seems like we've met before or you look like someone. Hum!)


Jason & Megan said...

Oh, I am so jealous! I love American Idol! How cool for you guys!

Janakes Crew said...

Okay so I am soooooooo jealous!!! How are you guys? We miss you!

ahalversen (DBA) said...

This is awesome! We were SO into American Idol this season, so when I saw this I was completely jealous! How fun this must have been for you guys, it's awesome :o)