Not the best start to my day! Well i guess i can trace it back to last night! Mike came home after racquetball ball late and needing a snack. he poured himself a bowl of cereal but we were out of milk! He was upset with that! Then this morning when he asked for clean dark socks I had to tell him it was the only load I hadn't done yet! Oops! I made him a lunch to take to work with I don't usually do to try to make it up to him a little! I feel terrible because it was all my fault. I totally look like I am coming up short! I hate making excuses so I won't. I t has given me a renewed enthusiasm to get back on the ball. I hate to see my family suffer due to my lack of motivation. I need to tighten my reigns and see that super diva I was last month.

So here is what I want to get done today...

dust the entire house
eliminate clutter from the entire house!( EVERYTHING will be in it's place!)
clean out the refrigerator
quick straightening of my closet
clean his bathroom

Well I better get to work! I also need to finish my book today and make a great dinner tonight!

and I forgot to mention... I burnt the toast this morning too! double ugg!!!!


Andrea said...

I'm sorry that your day/night started out this way! I'm sure your family doesn't think you're falling short of their expectations. You're so much more on top of things than I am! Really, I haven't mopped my floor since before I sprained my ankle and that was 2 weeks ago! Hope you get all you want to accomplish today done!

Caitlin & Mike said...

I think you are very on top of things! It doesn't sound like your family is suffering at all! I would have been upset too if my husband got annoyed about the milk or socks. Keep up the good work, you have a beautiful family.

donna said...

I am so sorry you had a bad night.
But don’t worry about it. We all had days like that. Monday morning, Ryan asks me the same thing. "Donna where are all my dark socks'? I said “in the wash”. I forgot that they were in the wash and I didn’t move them to the dryer. It was ok. He forgave me. We moms have lots to do during a day. Sometimes we forget that the darks socks are in the wash.
I think you are so on “top of things”. DON"T STESS GIRL
I need to get back to dusting.
Have a wonderful day!!!!
LOTS of hugs, Donna

donna said...

PS I wore my green socks today when I went running. I LOVE THEM!!!!!!

Rebecca D. said...

oh girls! no stress here! i just had an off start! we can't be 100% all the time and I so know that! I was just getting it off my chest and movin on.

glad you liked the socks donna!!!

Hassler Family said...

I have days like that frequently. :) You are so good about fixing it and moving on. I tend to just have a bad rest of my day and then try to start over the next day.


sarah said...

that is quite a list and i'm sure you mean EVERYTHING in it's place. that's great. wann come help me... i have a whole list of things i need to get checked off.

I did smell the honeysuckle and it was soooo good but i bought the pomegranate. yummmy. and i already have the coconut lime one. that's good too.

Baker and Jenny said...

I thought you vowed to stop cleaning his bathroon?

Emily said...

Wow, what a list. It would take me a lot more than a day to do all that! You are amazing.

I too feel bad when we're out of milk (why is it always milk?) or when I see the hubs pulling socks out of the hamper...oops!

Hope you had a very productive day!

michelle said...

Rebecca, you amaze me. I love the way that you see life. You see a problem, and have the solution already brewing. You are such a positive person. K, one secret. We seem to have the sock problem here frequently. I was at the dollar store. I bought 3 pairs of blue, and 3 pairs of black for emergencies. It has saved me a time or two. I hope your having a wonderful afternoon. Ohhhh, I am headed over there on Tuesday, Weds, and Thurs. I will e-mail you.

Anonymous said...

wow, you are amazing. It is okay to have a off day once in a while. You will be blessed in heaven, and your DH knows how blessed he is. i am sure all he would have to do is talk to some of his coworkers, and compair notes on wife's and girl, i KNOW you would come up on top

Laura Huston said...

Wow, you are a little too hard on yourself!
You sound like Super-Wife to me!

Jage and Manda Glenn Family said...

I am such the List maker myself. You are an amazing woman if you can get all of that done. " YOU GO GIRL." In a LDS perspectives Psyhchology class at Byu my professor said, " Every LDS woman needs to throw away the lists on the fridge." I guess he thought that we expect too much of ourselves. I agree!

donna said...

Where did you get your template for your blog?