a little bite about me....

If I wasn't on line right now I'd be...
-Chasing my girls
-watching HGTV

If I were to plan my perfect day I would...
-sleep in and not have anyone to worry about but myself. I'd head over to Barns and Noble and browse for hours. I would then meet some of my favorite MC friends for lunch at Cheesecake Factory. After that I would head over for a message and a facial and then come home to a yummy dinner with the family and the enjoy the evening with them. And it would all end with back tickles from my hubby!

My most favorite possessions are...
-my blanket
-my journals
-my books
-my stories

My favorite places to be...
-in my bed (all time favorite)
-Lake mead...so sad!
-book stores...by myself

My favorite foods...
-frozen pizza
-chocolate covered strawberries

What I always order....
-Cheesecake Factory, chicken Madeira
-Taco Bell, Mexican Pizza
-Del Taco, Chicken soft tacos extra sauce
-McDonald's, something from the value menu and a soft serve ice cream
-Fiesta Grill, Shredded Beef taco and Flauta combo
-Subway, veggie sub on wheat
-Denny's, Super Bird and side salad and a grand slam

Drink of choice...
-San Pellegrino

Dessert of choice...
-Banana Cream Pie
-Key lime pie

Favorite Music artists...
-James Taylor
-Frank Sinatra
-Rascal Flatt's
-Pink Martini

Favorite Movies...
-Little Women
-National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
-I am Sam

What I am most grateful for...
-my family
-the gospel
-my body and health
-this country I live in
-good relationships
-a sunny day

my worst traits....
-i underestimate myself
-i lose motivation after about a month
-i bite my nails
-i'm a car slob

my best traits...
-i am a good friend
-i appreciate the things I do have
-i can admit when I am wrong
-i am very reliable
-i have high hopes for myself

What do I want for myself?
-I want to be stretched. I don't necessarily want everything to fall in my lap. I don't mind working for something that means a lot to me. I want to always be learning and growing.I want to teach others and grow from others everyday. I want to be an outstanding wife that always leaves my husband thinking " wow! I am so lucky to have her!" I want to be a mom that is involved and has no regrets or ever has to apologize to her kids down the road for anything. I want to be a creative and expressive person. I want to be accomplished in my hobbies and pursue success. But most of all I want to be Authentic.


donna said...

WOW what a great post .It was fun to get to know a little more about you.
I hope I would be on of those MC friends that you would have lunch with at the at the Cheesecake Factory.
Thanks so much for the “GOOD MAIL” I love the socks!!!!!!
You are so SWEET!

Rebecca D. said...

Donna... you are so invited to Cheesecake Factory!!!!!

sarah said...

i want to come to cheesecake too!!! i love this post it was so cool. i got to find out we have a lot in common. i love chicken madeira. i live like 30 min from Lake Mead and love it. and i totally bite my nails and always have. that is so funny. i don't know many people who do that.

Caitlin & Mike said...

Hi Rebecca,

This is Caittgn (from MC). I hope you don't mind if I comment on your blog. I loved this post! You are such a good writer!

michelle said...

Rebecca, I loved your post. How fun to get to know more about you. You truly are an amazing person. You always inspire me to do better after I read your postings. You made my day yesterday. I was having one of those not so wonderful days yesterday. I think it has to do with this new diet. I was tired all day long. That is not usual for me. Sarah came home from track, and walked in with an adorable package. She said "Mom", this is for you!!!! I laid every tressure out on the table. My kids all said the same thing...Rebecca, must know you. You totally nailed it on the scrapbook supplies. I love the magazine. Last night when it was quiet I got to read it. Thank you so much Rebecca.

Baker and Jenny said...

Becks- I love you. Too bad you didn't say anything about having lunch with your sister or something. I mean I am an MC girl but not nearly as often as I would like to be. So hopefully I count as an MC lunch buddy.

Brandi said...

wow, thanks for sharring so much about yourself. When Ihave time, I will have to steal the idea from you too.

Emily said...

This was so fun to read. I think I'll borrow the idea for my own post. Thanks!

AnieCooper said...

What a great post Becca! You seriously motivate me to do more. I am just stretched so think these days. I am horrible at procrastination. I need to go write an IEP as we speak. I just hope one day I can get my act together. It seems like you have figured it all out. Is that what becoming a parent will do to me? I will just wake up and it will all make sense??? Hope you are well! Miss you Becca!! xoxox