Happy Valentines Day

What a great day we had yesterday! I had the best time making Mikes Candy Gram card with the girls right by my side making their own version! Macy was so excited to pass out her cards to her friends.

The night before i put the card I made in mikes car for him to find in the morning. I also made him a special lunch for work but he forgot it at home!!!ARRGGG! Oh well!When Mike got home he suprised me with my most favorite treat! A box full of Tuxedo strawberries. They remind me of our honeymoon so they were extra special for me!

My sweet brother and his wife offered to babysit for us so we had our first night out by ourselves in a LONG time! WE went to one of our favorite Mexican Restaurants and then just enjoyed being out with out the girls.Thanks Jason and Vanjo for making the night so wonderful! We love you!

I loved this years Valentines Day! I am a firm believer that you don't have to spend a lot of money on each other to enjoy the day. It's all about being thoughtful and making an effort. I have the best family and the best husband!


sarah said...

i love those strawberries. and i love the card. you did a great job. your girls did awesome too!!! i love it when my kids want to do stuff with me.

michelle said...

It sounds like you had a great Valentine's Day! Your card turned out adorable! I love the straswberries too!

Baker and Jenny said...

I wish I would have been with Bake.. our last Valentines day without a little one.. awwww. I heard he offered to babysit too. Man you guys do have great family.