Mini Golf anyone?

Over the Holiday we enjoyed getting together with our family! Robert and Stephanie and Jason and Megan were both in town so we all enjoyed a challenging game of Miniature Golf! The kids did the best! It's so fun to watch them get so into it! This is probably my least favorite activity to participate in (because i totally can't golf!!!) but the kids make it a blast!


Anonymous said...

oh that is so cute, how did you get all those pictures to rotate like that? I can understand the golf, I can't golf at all either. But with kids it would be fun.

Donna said...

Great pic!
My whole family loves to mini golf!!!!! That is one thing we will be doing when we go to arizona. I hope you have a great night

michelle said...

I loved looking at your pictures. Everytime I see pictures of your girls I smile. How cute they are in their red Christmas sweaters! I am not a very good mini golfer either. It is so fun to go with the family though. Have a great day!