Happy Birthday Macy!!!!

I know i'm a little late! ooops! don't hate! But yes it's true! We have a three year old on our hands! YEAH!!!! Miss Macy is Finally 3. She requested a castle cake and gave me a run for my money. It was hours of hard work (even if it looks like it was just trown together!) but she was worth it. She had a wonderful day. She woke up to a room filled with balloons and had her favorite breakfast of colored pancakes. She was showered with gifts from family and friends and loved every minute of attention. She had never been more happy then on her special day. She was also treated to a trip to Disneyland by her great uncle Doug. She was so excited to go on all the rides and meet the " Princesseseses!"I am so proud of my little girl. Such a big helper and sister. She is a special friend and daughter! We love our sweet girl! Happy Birthday Macy!!!!


Megan said...

REBECCA! Why didn't you tell me you had a blog?!?!?! I love these things! We'll make one once we have a kid, but for now our lives are to boring!!! Macy looks so cute in those pictures, what a poser! We sure had fun seeing you guys! Love you all!

Jage and Manda Glenn Family said...

Becky- What a cool Mom! I hope that I can make a castle cake as good as you. I have told my other sisters I need to take a cake decorating class. Macy, is such a pretty little girl. Bake and Jenn are so lucky to live so close to you guys. My Mom loved seeing you guys a couple weekends ago.