First Day of School!



Well we did it!!! The all important right of passage is behind us!!!The first day of Kindergarten will go down in the history books as a HUGE SUCCESS!!!!

Cricket was as ready as ever! The day started off with celebratory Blue pancakes and smiles. She picked out her outfit and changed it three times that morning! I'm surprised we weren't late!

We walked to the bus stop and meet up with our friends. Photo ops galore! The bus came and went and just like that she was gone! I got a tiny bit misty eyed just then but was surprisingly in control!

Mike and I meet her over at the school just to be sure she knew what to do next! I thought for sure I'd lose it this time as we saw her march in to the class room but NOPE ! Not a single tear rolled off my cheek! What the...

This past week was a joke! I cried at the thought of her leaving me but there I was practically willing my eyes to produce some sort of moisture but nothing! NOTHING!!!

So the time slowly crept by and finally it was time to pick her up!!! Endless reports of all she did! It was the perfect day in a new kindergartners eyes! She was plum tuckered out after her big day!She fell asleep in the car! I'm gona like this school thing and so is she!

We're so proud of our Cricket!!!


Momma Princess said...

Hurray! I am glad it all went good. Love all her pictures. Super cute idea to have blue pancakes! Honestly, you are such a fun Mom!

Andrea said...

Glad all went well!

AnieCooper said...

So happy it went well! Love the outfit she picked out ;)

Sophie has that shirt! ;)

Laura said...

How cute! I miss teaching Kindergarten for that very reason. First day of kindergarten is the best! The kids are so excited and the parents are so emotional and nervous!

Julie said...

Aww! those are such great pictures. Sounds like she was a champ!

Megan said...

way to go, both of you! She look so excited in all those pictures. You probably cried all your tears the week before, and had none left! I bet poor Molly is missing her sister! :(

Steph @ somewhatsimple.blogspot.com said...

how was the 2nd day? that for me was harder than the first!