Bugga bugga!

char bug

A whole lot of this goin' on these days!!

We'll catch her smiling at nothing.

She has totally captured our hearts!

I miss her when she sleeps.

Coo's and jibber are our new favorite sounds.

Little bug is all the rage over here!


Stephanie said...

k, that picture looks like your brother! she has more box in here than dulgarian, i think.

Julie said...

I melted, she is so sweet.

AnieCooper said...

So cute...wow does she look different already! So pretty :)

Megan said...

can I just eat her????

tara said...

she IS gorgeous becc. i swear i see more of you in her now too..

Bryn said...

So so sweet. I can't tell who she looks like yet, but either way, so precious!

Jill said...

Oh I love the first few months. They really are the best! What a doll!