Cookie Love

This afternoon called for a little love in the form of a new family favorite cookie! Prompted by the request of a young entrepreneur out to make some big bucks, we devised a plan for a bake sale in our drive way.

Cricket came with a goal in mind! "I need to make some money mom!" Cool! Go grab the broom and I'll flip ya a quarter! She had other things in mind! A bake sale offering fresh baked goodness from mama's kitchen was her only option.

So there we found ourselves making a new yummy treat that would hopefully draw them in and tug at their pocket books as they were peddled by doe eyed miners!The final product were these tasty new "Smores Cookies" I copy cated from a recent indulgent find! I love more then anything falling in love with a dish, treat or other wise bought good and coming home and concocting a version of my own! I have to say this was spot on!!! I'll post the recipe that's oh so easy but first enjoy this video of the girls doing their best to draw in the crowds!

They sold their dozen cookies in record time to passer bys making a wopping $4.25!!! They had a blast, nearly lost their voices and managed to only eat two cookies each!!!! A hard days work with a yummy pay off!!!

Smores Cookies:

1 box Ghirardelli Chocolate Brownie mix
1 egg
1/2 stick melted butter


mini marshmellows
graham crackers

Blend brownie mix, egg and butter together till well blended.

make 1 1/2 inch sized balls of dough and place on ungresed cookie sheet

Bake at 350 for 10 min.

remove from oven and immediately push into cookies mini marshmallows and small pieces of broken graham crackers.

place back in oven and now bake under a low broiler setting, watching carefully only to barely toast the marshmellows! be sure to watch close!!!!

remove from cookie sheet and let cool!


Diana said...

They are too funny! "They're so delicious!" Macy sounds a little like she might have a new yorker accent in there :)

Benson Fam said...

They only ate 2 cookies each- those girls show amazing self control! I'm a sucker for a cookie or lemonade stand- sorry I missed it :).

Amber H. said...

I love the entrepeneur (sp?) in them! How fun! And those cookies look so yum, and sound so easy! I think I'm going to have to try those out :o) Thanks!

Megan said...

so cute! She definitely has some of those entrepreneur genes that are so strong in you and Mike! and oh my my, those cookies are calling my name! Too bad I can't make any because I would eat the whole batch myself! I absolutely love anything that has to do with s'mores! I am always on the look out for a good s'more twist on a recipe!!!

Reena said...

Ok I'm sold! Tell the girls, if they are taking orders, grandma will by a dozen! They look delicious!

By the way, what was she raising the money for?

Stephanie said...

I think Macy could sell anything! How funny! And what a great idea! Ethan wanted to sell Lemonade once and I didnt like that idea, but cookies would be fun!

What i didnt like about that video was that your girls were in sweaters... we are already in shorts over here! ugh.

tara said...

that is the cutest darn thing ever. we've sold all sorts of fun stuff too. NOT ONE THING being homade, of course:) otterpops, lemonade, Popsicles etc. your girls are QUITE the little salespeople:)

Jill said...

Had I known, I would've bought the entire sheet! Too cute!

Ashlee said...

Yumm-o!!! I can't wait to try em! And that video is awesome! I love it!

Brandi said...

aww..that is so cute. The cookies look good too!