Aunt Tippy ROCKS!!!

So when your rock star sister in law calls and says she wants to take your girls for the morning to give you a break ONLY do the following: Say YES! YES! YES!!!!

Tiffany is more then just a great Aunt!She is an all around amazing person! We're just so lucky to have her close! The girls were completely spoiled by her and were treated to a wonderful morning full of shopping and Sonic! Every girls perfect day! The girls came home in new dresses and stained lips from their own Sonic slushie! And then to top it off even I got to hang out with Tiff for a few hours and we just hung out and gabbed about anything and everything!!! I love that girl!

Thanks Tiffany for being so wonderful!!!We love you!!!

And while uploading the picture of the girls with Tiff I found a few funny shots Cricket took of her and Blue when she got a hold of the camera!

Dude those are so my kids!


Meredith said...

And you know the worst thing, they are always on their best behavior, and super polite, when they are with the aunts, thats why we always want to be with out nieces and nephews. Looks like they had fun. We missed you last week at Bunco.

Josh and Tiff said...

ahhh... how tender. thanks for the post. i had a lot of fun with them, and it was nice to have some girl talk too!! can't wait to see the next little niece soon to come! (you dodged a bullet yesterday... good thing she didn't come out on st. patty's day)

Stephanie said...

No way. No fair. I want her by me!

Jamie C. said...

Those SO are your kids! Love them. Such pretty, pretty girls! I can't wait to see little sister and how much they'll eat her up! It's coming soon! So excited for you!

Annette said...

It's just my opinion, but I think Macy is going to grow up to look a lot like her Aunt Tiffany - what a lucky girl!

My daughter looks a lot like one of my husband's sisters too, always has!