Happy Birthday Boopers!!!!!!

Classic Boo!!!Thanks And's for the reminder~!

So it's no surprise that I, Rebecca Dulgarian, have the BEST sister in the world! It's not up for argument! It's just plane fact! On this day many moons ago , said sister was born and sent on a mission to be the best friend any older sister could have!

Over the years our rolls have flip flopped and She became the sister I looked up to, Even thought I'm about an inch taller, she's the one who had the better fashion style, cooler hair and all around awesomeness! She's the one I wanted to be like!!!!

All my greatest memories include her! Lake Mead, Sharing a room in my post college years, First Dates...She was always apart of them! I seriously scored the jack pot with this one!

So to the most Rockin', Awesome, totally freakin' amazing sister anyone girl could have I have a big fat HAPPY BIRTHDAY coming your way!!!!! Wish I was there in person to spank you!!!!! Love you Boopers!!!

A little love from the girls!!!!

video video


Nathan said...

That is one energetic little girl you've got there. She was so intent on the cha-cha-cha dance that she got frustrated at herself at the end for mispronouncing Boopers. Cute.

Andrea said...

Those were too cute! I still remember you guys posting the video of her running around trying to make herself go into labor with Emerson. Funny.

Mahana said...

ADORABLE! Your girls crack me up! You definitely have a performer in Mace!

Krause Crew said...

Your girls are the cutest.

Angie said...

Ha! That was super cute! Sisters are the best. There's nobody else I can be quite so silly around.

AnieCooper said...

Very nice post :) Although I'd beg to differ with the bestest sister part...I think mine is the best haha ;)

Since Brent and I only plan on having 2 kiddos...I know I won't be sad if we end up with 2 girls only because I LOVE having a sister :)

Anyways....I hope Jenny has a wonderful birthday!! How are you feeling??? Miss yoU!!

Jenks Family said...

So cute! Jeff and I love the cha cha cha. :)

Morph This said...

omg that was the best birthday gift, and the best birthday post. i wish i could have been with you guys for my bday.

and i would have to disagree, i have the worlds best sister. hands down.

love you guys. thanks again.

Hoagland Family said...

Gosh, I can't believe it's been so long since we have seen each other. We MUST get together soon. I don't have your number so if you still have mine, call me;)

Your girls are so stinkin cute.

tara said...

oh my word. would you PLEASE tell your sister that she totally MADE MY DAY. dude. I'm totally laughing out loud.

Jess Perry said...

They really crack me up! You are looking so freakin' hot. I miss you. I know, I know. I have been a slacker. I took a few months off...I am back though!