Having one of those "Mom Moments!"

Day in and day out we as moms do the same things. Hussel kids to get dressed, eat, and find their shoes. Cuddle a sad little one, remind others to turn off lights, flush the toilet and be nice! Days seem at times to blend into each other resembling the exact day we lived the day before!

And then out of no where you have one of those moments as a mom you've only heard about! I had one of those days on Monday! Cricket came home from Preschool with a book from her teacher!A simple first book to try to read! Call me a bad mom but I had yet to sit down and even attempt the idea of reading with her! It all seems like such a fantasy...having my own kid read! Why? I know!!!Stupid question. She can already write a slew of words! What was I thinking!

So there we sat reading! It was WONDERFUL!!!She took right to it! I did have guilt creep into my gut as I realized I should have done this a lot sooner! Oops!But I marveled at her and the guilt was quickly replaced with pride! My little girl a reader!

From that moment on she was hooked! A book worm was born! I headed down stairs in search of our Phonics reading program we've had for 7 years!!! I know... more guilt!!! Endless reading books for a first time reader! She can't get enough!She's mastered 5 books in two days and it's the greatest "Bribe" I've got these days. " Let's leave the park and go home and read!!!" will result in a huge burst of accepting cheers!

So there you have it! A huge mile stone in any little child's life and I must add one in mine! As a mom, joys come often in a snuggle or a tender morning kiss from a warm little body who has found their way into your sheets at night. Having sweet chickens is nothing short of a huge accomplishment. But I will say seeing your child grow and learn and become excited about skills such as reading is so heartwarming it's hard to describe! It's one of those things that validates you as a parent almost! Even if I may have been a little late to the starting gate!

Cricket I am so proud of you!


Bryn said...

Becca that is great!! She's only in pre-school, I'd say you are way ahead of the game for her to be mastering 5 books in two days. And for her to be excited about it? That's great!! When do we get to find out what you are having!!

AnieCooper said...

Way to go!! The fact that she is reading in preschool is amazing :) Way to go!!!

Can't wait till next week :)

We also need to plan our get together while you are here ;)

Melanie said...

Its so awesome that you've had that experience. ;D Its truly an amazing one. Its amazing how brite our little ones are. I think sometimes we underestimate them. Or atleast I feel like I do. Then we get these beautiful surprises. So wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

Megan said...

Way Macy! That's so neat, and so cool that she loves it so much. I wouldn't say you were late by any means, pre-school is early! I know I didn't start learning to read until kindergarten.

tara said...

she is NOT late for sure. AWESOME that she's loving it. it makes school/homework so much easier.

Katydid said...

Hurray for you! Reading in preschool is amazing. Celebrate her/your good fortune.