Cricket has been on a trip lately! I can't seem to figure her out!She is rude, yells and makes me drag her kicking and screaming to her room for some quit time when she's out of control. Yesterday I had two screaming kids in tow as I dragged them the block home after dropping their friends off. It was so frustrating!I wanted to have a tantrum. There I was 4 months pregnant with nearly 70 lbs of wiggly kids. When I put one down to "walk" they would take off back down the street in the opposite direction. It was not our best day!

Help!!!What has worked for you guys? Books methods? you all must share!


Andrea said...

I'm sorry, I so remember those days. Luckily, during the times Tyson was a complete nightmare, Ryan was still my sweet boy...I have no advice, just sympathy.

Hassler Family said...

When you find out PLEASE let me know!!!

I just keep crossing my fingers that there is a "magic age" that certain personalities will calm down a little bit! :)

Amber H. said...

Ok, so not that this is the magical 'fix all' solution, but I do have some advice. I was getting to the point with my kids where I felt like they wouldn't listen to me unless I was yelling, and even then, they were still going crazy. I was pretty much at the end of my rope, and that's when I went to Utah. I went and spent a day with Elisa and I have to say, it changed my entire relationship with my kids! So here is the secret I learned from her (even though she didn't tell it to me, I just watched and learned!) When the kids are going crazy, not listening, throwing fits, etc. just talk to them in a really quiet, but firm voice. Get down at their level and make them look you in the eyes as you speak. I know, it sounds totally crazy, and if anyone would have asked me before I actually saw it in action if I thought it would work, I would have said "NO WAY!" but it totally does. I just talk lower and quieter than I normally do and it totally works. It calms them down and me too. Sometimes I have to repeat myself a few times, but they ALWAYS listen now, it's crazy. Case in point: the other day we were at a lunch thing with some other moms and kids. Normally when I would be in that situation my kids would just run around crazy, I would have to gather up shoes and everything else, and I would end up dragging them out just like you described. Well, this time as I was getting ready to go, I just said to them quietly (but firmly) that it was time to leave. It took about three times, but they totally gathered up their own stuff and came without any screaming, kicking, or fighting. Insane I know, but it worked. Sorry for the book, but I could relate to this one, so I hope it works for you too!

Angie said...

Hey Becca! Sorry I missed you yesterday. I was in and out all day while Randy worked on the shed. I'm guessing that happened when you dropped my kids off. Sorry!! If I was here I totally would have helped you. I agree with what your friend Amber said about getting down on their level and making them look at you. That does seem to help. I also try to always prepare them for what we will be doing and what is expected in that situation. If that doesn't work you could just lock them in their room with a muzzle. :) Works every time. :) JK! I've totally been there and I feel for ya.