Being entertianed!

As I type this it's probably 43 degrees outside! Fall is defiantly in the air!!!And what are my girls doing? Oh you know!!what all girls do in the middle of October! Prancing around in their bathing suits and begging to go outside! California girls through and through!! Will they ever get used to the idea that they no longer live by the beach!!! Maybe in a few years!

Cricket and Blue are constants entertainment for me! Their games and antics never cease to bring a smile to my face!We all know Cricket is obsessed with Food network!Lately she's been caught putting on her own cooking shows down stairs in her kitchen full of lingo that includes " a dash of kosher salt !" and "after the break!" It kills me!!! She also recently discovered catalogs! She spent over an hour looking through a toy catalog after I told her to mark what she wanted for Christmas and dog ear the corner. I think there is n X on every single item and not a single corner avoided being bent!!!

Blue is up to no good still finding pens and marking up her body. It's not my fault this time!!!While in Park City this last weekend we dropped the kids off at kids club and when we picked then up she had a purple hand and funny polka dots all over her arm!!!What's with that!!!! And I finally figured out what her body looks like!!She's a bull dog!!! She's got a bull dog butt and everything!!!SO pudgy and warm!!I love it!

The girls are the best! I need to soak them all in as best I can before they grow up too fast!


Stephanie said...

so fun! macy cracks me up with her cooking lingo! i love it! i miss you guys!

Megan said...

Too funny! Macy has such a HUGE imagination, that's so funny she hosts her own cooking shows!

Molly is getting so big, she looks so mature! You better keep your eye on her when she gets older and make sure she doesn't go get some permanent ink done!!!

AnieCooper said...

Love the pics :) The girls are too cute! Can't wait to find out what baby #3 is going to be :)

Jamie C. said...

that cracks me up about the dash of kosher salt. i love that she pretent plays the cooking network. we're still acting like strawberry shortcake and the care bears.