The Dunns return!

Utah has never been happier!With the recent return of the Dunn's a get together was defiantly in order! We had a great evening catching up and having a great time! With the weather being a little more unpredictable then we would have liked for Labor Day we ditched the grill and settled on Home made Pizzas! Talk about a crowd winner!I've never made pizzas like this before but It's the only way to go from here on out!

The girls loved being able to make their own with what ever they wanted and I think the adults liked it just as much. For the adults I just halved two loafs of French bread and we each got our own half to make ourselves! And we topped the night off with Root Beer Floats compliments of the Dunns! For sure I have some go to ideas for future gatherings!

I could not get over how grown up the girls are now!Lizzy and Bailey have always been so fun and beautiful but man did they seem that much older as well!!! The girls picked up just were they left off and were wonderful friends once again! It's great having them so close again!


Tag R. said...

Mike and Becca! Holy cow, it's been a long time - you seem to be doing well! I sent an email to the bluecricket address last week but not sure it made it through... drop me a note sometime and we can catch up - you guys are awesome! And back in Utah?
Tag Robison


Hoagland Family said...

How fun to have them back in town. All the girls look so big and grown up.

Aspen Dunn said...

Thanks for having us over. The food was wonderful and the girls had a blast. It was so much fun catching up with you and your cute family. I can't wait for many more get togethers.

Laura said...

Just wanted to say congrats on the baby!! Tell you what- I'll send boy vibes if you promise to send girl vibes for me next time!;)