Breakfast of champs...

So I heard little sneaky sounds coming from the kitchen. As I turned the corner to see what I could see I found two little girls, moving slow and quietly and calculated! BUSTED!!!!! Leave it to my girls to start off a day being sneaky!

As quiet as a mouse they were eating Sour licorice and peanut butter crackers! Lovely! Half the bag of candy was gone and the lone missing pack of crackers were a dead give away! When asked if they ate them they both had typical answers. Cricket was quick to shack her head no and blue just tucked her chin down to her shoulder and held back a grin. Sugar on little girl fingers and orange cracker crumbs on lips sealed their fate!

I couldn't get too mad! I was the one who left the bag of candy sitting on the counter. What kid could resist! So I too held back my need to laugh and reminded them no candy for breakfast and ask next time!Lesson learned? Probably not but I'm sure they both found this morning to be a huge victory in their eyes! Well worth getting caught!


Stephanie said...

we have had those mornings! recently too, in fact! but like you said, how do you get mad? its my fault for not getting out of bed at their mentions of wanting breakfast!

Amy said...

i love these moments when you're trying so hard not to laugh and ruin a good teaching moment. who could resist candy just sitting on the counter begging to be eaten! :)