Sale! Sale! Sale!

Everything has been marked down on my Blue Cricket Design Blog!!!


Tell your friends!!!Link the blog and score some great deals!!!! Thanks for helping me get the word out!!!!!


Mike and Jenny said...

Hope you had an awesome trip. I will put the word out. Good luck!

mckenna said...

Hi! This is a little random, but I'm an old friend of your sister in law, Tiffany. So anyway, I was blog stalking a while back (before your personal blog was private) and saw this GREAT organizational magnet board you had made! I loved it! I'm a bit of an organizational freak. So I'm trying to make something similar and am wondering if you have any tips you could share. Anything would be much appreciated! Thanks!


Hoagland Family said...

Hey lady!

I totally want to buy a set of your felt food and some of you clip boards. I will be in town next month and thought we could get together and i could do some shopping:)

Hope you had a great trip to AZ!!

Jillyboo said...

I have a question for you.
I am trying to find my girls a dresser for their room. Not much luck in the way of an off-white long dresser. But I have seen some that are maple or other colors. What is the deal with all the great re-finishing you always do? Is it possible for me to get something, sand it down and then paint it? Does it need to be a certain finish or wood to do so?
Thanks. Any advice would be great.

Regina said...

So I might need to buy a tutu from you if I am having a girl. Those are too cute and A ribbon holder. I want to come see your invetory some time soon. Hope you had a good trip!