Alert the media!!!!

Trust me!!This is hotter then the latest Britney gossip or the most recent celebrity baby bump sighting!!!Both my girls!!BOTH!!!! are soundly sleeping and the only sound I hear is the hum of my computer and my fingers swiftly typing away!!! For real folks!!! This is awesome!


Stephanie said...

what i would give to have that at my house!!! enjoy every minute of it! we all know it wont last long!

Jeff and Mary said...

Two kids is hard to get down. Evan used to be such a good sleeper, BUT after the baby...... it has been a little harder. Thats the only thing that he has really pushed us on. So, we understand now that a house with sleeping babies is a happy happy house!

Bryn said...

I think I am about 2 nights away from my little Wyatt buddy sleeping all the way through the night. All's I will be hearing is the hum from the fridge...and it'll probably sound like it's calling my name! Love catching up on you!