Super Bowl 2008

Rock on Giants fans!!!! This years annual V Hall Boys Super Bowl Weekend was held here in Salt Lake! All the boys from freshman year made it out and the result was a wild weekend of catching up, food, football and our girls working their magic on all the visitors!

Adam, Joe, Pete, Ben, Derek, Kurt, Richie, Kyle and Mike had a great reunion. Amber and Meagan and I were the proud wives club! The girls warmed up easily to all the boys and quickly fell in love with Uncle Pete who was a sport about playing with them all weekend! Derek caught Blues hearts and was often found on his lap during game time... I think that is a result from him rescuing her from the puppies!!!! She by then had affectionately called him Uncle Derek from! And Richy was best for putting Mace in her place and playing along with her games and antics!

Super Bowl weekend for sure has it's share of sub categories! Food! Friends! and Fun!!

We covered the friends part and now for the food!!!!

-Betos runs
-Ruth's Chris
-All the food you could imagine for game day including Meagan's yummy 7 layer dip!!!!!, My Super easy ( joe's favorite food of the whole day!!! Thanks Joe!!) Sausage dip, wings, pizza and so much more!!!! Such Grub!
-Late night Chocolate chip cookies!

I don't think there was a night the guys didn't get to bed before 3 am! They were too busy catching up, talking finance, get massaged in Klyes chair!, playing Rock Band and just soaking in every second of this fun boys weekend!!! We even enjoyed Dr. Bryant's talents as a Chiropractor and all got adjusted! That so rocked!!!! Congrats again Kurt on your recent graduation!!!!

I, as a wife, can't tell you how impressed I am at this group of friends! It was 10 years ago they all meet up at BYU . I love that they all still keep in touch and make the time to get together like this! And can I talk about the wives for a sec... I love love love all the wives that have been blessed to join this group! I feel lucky to be one of them! I only wish we could have had all of them here too!!!!Here's Amber and I! Over the years we have discovered how alike we are!!! Funny how we both married the Finance guys of the group!


Morph This said...

Oh how fun! I love that you are updating the family blog so much!

Benson Fam said...

Thank you for taking such good care of Joe, the rare moments he found time to call me he raved about Rebecca:). Its hard to miss a year, I just like to sit in the back and listen to all these guys- they are hilarious!

Diana said...

Thanks for getting these pics up so quick! It was even better than advertised this year. I am already counting down to next year.

Diana said...

Thanks for getting these pics up so quick! It was even better than advertised this year. I am already counting down to next year.

Diana said...

Okay, the last comment was from Bensky, now it's my turn. I can't believe I had to miss out on so much fun! I got really sad every time I talked to Ben and could hear all the boys in the background. I wish I could have been there to play with you Becca. I miss you girl!

Kyle the Mann said...

Love the pictures!! It was so great to see you guys! We'll have to get together again soon! -Meagan

Bryn said...

That sounds like so much fun Becca. How come we never have a Rick's reunion and get the carousal court girls together for some fun?!