It's about time!

I'm sure you were all starting to think I fell of the face of the blogging world but I haven't. I thought today as I checked my sisters one blog how I am getting so TIRED of seeing nothing new that, SHOOT!!!!, I was doing the same thing here! Sorry!!!! ( That was a hint to Boo to get her act together!!! )

Life here has been oh so typical! It's been freezing out side so we spend most of our time inside. I will say that I let the girls go out back to play one day last week. I bundled them up and sent them out side with a cup and spoon. They like to make "snow cones! 15 min. later I had two crying girls at the back door! There just couldn't resist holding the snow ion their hands and they were miserably cold! Nothing a little hot chocolate can't fix!!! I'll just say lesson learned!

Today is my brothers birthday!!!Happy big 30 Jason!!! I love my big brother so much! I am so impressed with him and love who he is! here are the top things I love about my brother!!!!

- He is a great Uncle
- He can cook like a pro!
- he married an all star gal and rounded out the in laws perfectly!!!!
- he is amazing when it comes to IT stuff!!
- he is a talented musician!
- Was a great swing dancing partner in our day, even if he dropped me on my head and sent me to the Hospital
- HE taught me how to kick butt at Sonic the Hedge hog
- He was the co creator of the famous Box Peanut butter and Pickle sandwich
- Disneyland was always fun with Jason...especially in the rain!
- I love that he has a wicked DVD collection
- He was a great Anchor on Family Feud and had the least amount of lame answers!
- He is a crazy driver but that's just Jason!!!
- He was a great boat driver... that always was impressive!
- He can still hold by sister and I in his arms at the same time, even when I'm totally preggo!!
- And he is the best brother a girl can ask for!!!!

Happy Birthday Jason!!!! Love your guts!


Morph This said...

Happy Birthday Jason! I love you!

PS Rebecca the family blog is to show off family pictures.. of your girls.. my nieces. The nes i used to see everyday and now never. Pictures please.

Reena said...

Ditto...ditto...ditto. I have such wonderful children! Love you.

Bryn said...

That is so sweet Becca. I can totally remember you guys swing dancing at all the dances!