Happy Birthday Mike!!!

Yesterday Mike turned a whole year older!!!YEAH!!!!!For whatever reason, Mike thinks his Birthday lasts for week and tells me this morning, " Today for my birthday week I want..." and then starts listing stuff!!!Funny huh!How come he gets a week to celebrate!

He's all deserving of special treatment! I just adore that guy!!!Last night I made a special dinner, London Broil, pasta, steamed veggies and chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert! Of course he was spoiled at work and then at home! We gave him a replacement pair of Vans for his gift! I think he had a pretty great day!It's hard when he works and we can't really do much more then dinner at home n a Monday! I think we'll go out this weekend to celebrate and cap off the "Birthday Week!"

Happy Birthday baby!


Baker and Jenny said...

word up dog.. happy birthday again.

Aspen Dunn said...

Happy Birthday Mike!

Regina said...

Yay happy Birthday to Mike...... is it the big 30 this year or is it next?

Jason & Megan said...

Happy late birthday now! Jason does the week long birthday thing too! Diane must have really given them really amazing birhdays or something!