Tis the Season .... For Strep Throat!

Yep! Who knows how we got it but we did! Poor Mace was complaining of a headache and her throat hurting and her ears!YIKES!!! I took her in yesterday and sure enough she got hit with Strep Throat! All day yesterday she acted perfectly fine! She was even getting into trouble! ( what!!!no break from naughtiness even when she's sick!!!)I was sort of surprised because she 1. had no yuck white spots on her throat! and 2. We haven't been around anyone who has been sick! It boggles my mind.

Of course our doctor, who I adore, was not surprised. it's like an epidemic out here she said. Everyone has it or will get it! GREAT!!! She said they probably picked it up from some shopping cart or by just being out! So we perpetuated the cycle and had to go to Wal Mart to fill her prescription. It took over an hour to fill so there we were exposing the South Jordan customers of Wally World to the joys of Strep. Sorry Folks... I did disinfect the cart and kept her trapped in the cart!

Thankfully she was only miserable one afternoon. No one likes to see their little ones ill! I'm hoping that our turn with sickness is over before Christmas comes and goes!!!

Ok... I'm off to take my dose of Tangerine flavored EmergenC!!! Bottom sup!


Laura said...

We've been sick but thankfully not with strep. Strep WIPES me out!! Get better soon and get on some anti-biotics asap!

ahalversen (DBA) said...

Poor girl! I am glad to hear she's ok already. Josh had strep a few months back and couldn't even swallow! Poor guy...I can't imagine how aweful it would be for a little one. I love what you said about not getting a break even when they are sick...I feel the same way! Sometimes they even seem to get more naughty...why is that?!?

AnieCooper said...

Poor Mace...hope she gets better soon and you all don't get it! Love ya

Regina said...

Yucky sickness season is here! Hope you guys get feeling better!

Jason & Megan said...

Oh, so sad! Seems like everyone is sick right now!!!