Dulgarian Family fun weekend... oh yeah baby!

Weekend Agenda...

- guide parents "correctly" to our house and not Bountiful!!!!
- morning snuggles with the grand kids
- sugar rushes
- Foot ball
- Dinner at Denny's with drink sampling all around!
- A little Dean and Tori Inn love!
- naps!
- movie night
- First snow!
- Grub
- Party in the office!
- The tippy tour
- Provo canyon
- Heber City Sonic fiasco!
- Park City love affair
- Crazy car ride with Macy and Blue repeating EVERYTHING!!
- Grub
- Foot ball
- Grub
- Funny photos
-Adios with love!!!!

Thanks for a great visit Folks! WE loved having you and appreciate you coming out!!!Till Christmas....love ya!


Baker and Jenny said...

Oh I want to come back.. and I see that Mike still hasn't put the entertainment center together.. ha. Maybe next time Baker is out there.. in what like 3 months?

ahalversen (DBA) said...

Sounds (and looks) like you had a really fun time! P.S. Do you realize you have two slide shows going at the same time with music? AHH!!! A little crazy with the two songs going at once....

Jason & Megan said...

Looks like one WILD AND CRAZY weekend! I miss everyone!!!

Stephanie said...

i cant wait for christmas!

Laura said...

Youre so funny, I love your faces--cute way to summarize the weekend!

Regina said...

looks like you guys had fun this last weekend! I got your message about tommorow...that actually works just fine, (I had a few unexpeted things come up and It has been a stressful week..although I would way rather hang out with you!) what about Thursday or Friday after Halloween? Let me know. C-ya chica!

AnieCooper said...

Cute pics! Looks like you have had a great time with the family ;) So how is the weather there? Is it nice and cool there? The fires and hot weather is crazy! Miss you guys!

jessperry said...

Looks like a fun filled weekend...so much that it put you down and out for a few days! Get feeling better soon!

Josh and Tiff said...

how come people are leaving comments about pictures, but yet, i don't see any pictures? wtf?