Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

So...after endless hours (maybe 7) of making my Christmas Cards by hand it really feels good to have that all behind me! The worst part is that when you look at them they really don't look all that special! oh well. I am happy with how they turned out! For all of you that get one cherish it! a whole lot of blood seat and tears went into them! just kidding. and for all of you that didn't get one, here is the adorable photo that went along with them! trust me! i tried getting a family photo but it just wasn't working. i tried on 4 different occassions to get a good one but ...you know how that goes. This cute shot was a result of nearly giving up and finally playing peek a boo under a towel! te da!! happy kids! love it! Enjoy!


Jage and Manda Glenn Family said...

That is perfect. What a great pic. I would blow that sucker up and frame it. You have such pretty girls! MErry Christmas!

Megan said...

We just got our card yesterday, those are so cute! I bet that was a ton of work to make those all by hand! You are so motivated! We put ours up on our tree (we got a big tree this year and we don't have that many ornaments! he he!)