Happy Halloween

Boo!!! Oh i just love Halloween! It's my favorite holiday! The girls had so much fun. Macy was Dorthy and I have to brag for one short second but I made her outfit!!!! First attempt at cloths! Molly Blue was a ballerina for the trunk or treat and a bumble bee for the actual night! Kids totally make this the best Holiday! Mike was also in the holiday spirit and dressed up as a Chinese General. He picked up the outfit in China!


Megan said...

I love the Dorothy costume! You did an amazing job! Both of your girls look adorable. I love halloween too, but this year just didn't do it for me. I had a fun costume all picked out for work and I made it through about an hour and a half at work and had to go home! I wasn't feeling well...I felt gyped!!! Glad to see you guys had fun!

Manda and Jage said...

oh my gosh! Your girls are way too HOT! I am so impressed with your costumes. Dorothy's costume is perfect. I love the pic. with her toe pointed out and her pig tails. Hope they got lots of candy.